International Trade Market Limited (ITM Ltd) is an export consultancy company founded in 2006, with a history of relationships with China since 2001. The company’s mission is to accompany the Italian and European SMEs through the tortuous route of del international trade, as a bridge between Italy and the East, with particular reference to China, Japan, Hong Kong and South East Asia.

La ITM Ltd has a head office in Hong Kong and a representative office in Tianjin (China), where is also the Yi Hua (Tianjin) Food Trading Co., Ltd, Company engaged in the import and distribution of European and Italian food and wines, with a warehouse on-site.

In Europe, it is present through Inter Trade Italia S.r.L., with headquarters and offices in Rome.

ITM Ltd, thanks to the extensive presence in Europe and Asia, guarantees a top-level strategic consulting service for the development of the international business of companies.

EttoreMinore Production and MondialPellet, are also part of the group. The first deals with entertainment and the second with energy.

La ITM Ltd, through its founder and C.E.O. Ettore Minore also participates in the capital of MasterandSkills S.r.L., Business School present at Sapienza, University of Rome and Federico II University of Naples.