In 2016, International Trade Market Limited (ITM Ltd) has achieved its tenth anniversary and, considering the historic period characterized by a strong global economic crisis, is a very important milestone that fills us with pride. Indeed, this economic situation has not stopped our growth by providing an optimistic vision for the coming years.

We have accompanied the companies that have entrusted us to penetrate foreign markets, increasing their operational capability and profitability. ITM Ltd has expanded its services, diversifying in various fields and pursuing new goals for a more and more positive future.

As our team enters its second decade, new challenges are inevitably emerging, and these challenges will be judged on the impact we will have on communities and the environment. We are ready for this changes and we are ready to follow our customers and partners with innovation and professionalism.

All this is possible thanks to the expertise and professionalism of the staff of ITM Ltd and its subsidiaries and partners, because only recognizing their value we can be optimistic for the future.

Ettore Minore
C.E.O. of ITM Ltd

Photo by Roberta Marsigli